"I will publish the name of the Lord; ascribe you greatness to our God." Deuteronomy 32:3

Photo by Shiflet Photography    
     Mitchell, Indiana
  I will forever be grateful for the privilege of being born in this great country, the United States of America, and for having parents, adult family members, teachers and preachers who helped me learn just how great we are as a nation, and why. Yes, we studied about each of the wars, not just the Civil War, about why they were fought, what we learned, and how we grew and became a better, stronger country. The men and women who died in all of the wars were great warriors, all fighting for what they believed was the best.
  Students today aren’t taught about our history, except the hate and wrong that went on. Yes, there was plenty of that. But, it’s like in our own lives, when we make mistakes we are to learn from them, not drag the guilt, shame, hurt, and hatred forward. 
 I absolutely love the United States. But, I am ashamed. Ashamed because I am white and others aren’t? Absolutely not. I’m ashamed that people, citizens and non-citizens, have become so bold as to tear apart what makes us special and are encouraged to do so. Our leaders, presidents on down, have allowed and encouraged discord within, hate within, destruction within. We continue to send our men and women to wars in others’ litter boxes while allowing the destruction of our educational system, therefore ruining our children and youth, destruction of our steps forward, and destruction of our freedoms, that have always made America better.
  Similar to the rebellious Jews (in the Bible) who kept begging for help when they messed up life as God had ordered life to be, millions of Americans prayed for the last eight years for help. God heard and God answered with our 45th president. Is anyone happy? No. Why? Too much evil was allowed to grow into explosions of hate. Is our president perfect? Not any more than anyone else. But, as he was running for the office, he became a believer in God, a child of God. In evil’s eye, that’s reason to hate. He is not a politician, which is another reason to hate. So, what’s so good that millions of Americans still back our president and pray for him? Because, Donald Trump, our 45th president, loves America more than any president since Ronald Reagan. Loving America like he does gives him a red, white, and blue backbone.
  Is there any hope? Until Jesus comes back, there will always be hope. But, I’m telling you, folks, we true Americans better get with the program. For those of us who believe in God, we better be praying just as much and just as diligently as when we were praying before the election. Our children’s and grandchildren’s futures are at stake. America, as we have known her, is at stake. 
  We all need to have red, white, and blue backbones, like our president. And, we need to have calloused knees as we diligently pray for the United States of America.