Published in 2009

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​Novels By Nellotie
Nellotie Porter Chastain
  It's called Kudzu

  Deep in the mountains of southeastern  Kentucky, dense green kudzu vines grow like Jack's beanstalk, blanketing every tree, power pole, and anything else in it's path. Everett Pratt hates kudzu for what it will do to the timber on his mountain, and he'll do anything to keep it from invading and choking life from his family's livelihood. On the other hand, Sam, Everett's nine-year-old son, likes kudzu and will do anything he can to protect it, believing that "whatever God makes has got to have some good in it."

  Can the Pratt family survive kudzu's smothering threat, given that everything significant in Sam's life occurs under it's considerable influence?
​Author Nellotie Porter Chastain, on her own beloved Kentucky mountain.