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Mountain adventures
Is it possible? Can a 7 year old boy keep a life-time promise to protect his cousin? How can he protect her from the evil that threathens to distroy her? Can he embrace the fun she experienes in her barn or the love she discovers in the shelter of her wooden fortress?
It's called kudzu...vines that cover the mountains like Jack's beanstalk. Can the Pratt family survive kudzu's smothering threat as everything significant in Sam's life happens under the kudzu?
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In the blink of his eyes, Jeff's life changes for eternity. How long can they survive in a world filled with life-stifling terror and evil? Can they trust each other? Until reprinted; available on this web site and at Nellotie Porter Chastain (FaceBook) and nellotiec@gmail.com
Forged in the crucible of loss and grief, the story emerges into the personal and inspiring account of the sudden death of a beloved father.
Jesse Porter's journey from life to Home
Someone is killing the Persimmon Festival Queen contestants. Will the murderer be found in time to save the other young ladies? This is a tale of murder and forgiveness, presenting evil with its consequences and good with its rewards.

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  Death by suicide has become an epidemic, especially with the young people and young adults in our society. This is totally unacceptable.
   October 7, 2013, my own beloved grandson chose his death. God has given me the task of writing this little book and speaking out on the issues of depression and suicide.
      Please, if you want someone to speak to your congregation, youth group of any kind, or adult group, please contact me. We have to stop losing those we love and care about.

Sanctuary Of Hope

has been the victim of Tate Publishing's illegal activities with their authors. 

Sanctuary Of Hope
can still be purchased at my book-signings, or nellotiec@gmail.com. Very soon it will be available through me, my email, my facebook and here on my website, when it is reprinted.

My humble apologies for the wait.
As fiercely upset as NaFre Chisom is in Sanctuary Of Hope, I am with my books.