"I will publish the name of the Lord; ascribe you greatness to our God." Deuteronomy 32:3

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Breath Of The Mountain

Like alabaster arrows, lightning stabs through the clouds delivering a violent storm that chases the children into the old barn. Gloria Jean falls in love--with the barn. Homer Ray shivers as fear claws up his back.


Choose Life

Choose Life, a small booklet, full of pain and hope. The story of a grandson's choice of death and encouragement to others struggling in life to choose life.


Hope On Hank's Farm

The guardian of the mountain's black orifice shakes in death. Like smoking, sparking octopus legs, limbs from the lightning-slaughtered tree chase her deep into the cave's darkness.
Will Judge Roberts' order for thirteen-year-old Hope Herold's placement on Hank's Farm be successful in giving her reason to live? Her newly-developing feelings of safety are once again being ripped away.


I'll Walk You Home

Forged in the crucible of loss and grief, I'll Walk You Home emerges as a personal and inspiring story about the sudden death of an adored father. Jesse Porter's journey from life to Home.


Refuge In Emptiness

His eyes blink. Jeff's life has changed for eternity. How long can they survive in a world filled with unspeakable evil? Can they trust each other?


Sanctuary Of Hope

With the fierceness of a threatened mountain lioness, NaFre Chisom guards her mountain sanctuary. Innocently, Abraham Mosley invades her space. Will she surrender her solitude? Will her surrender restore the beauty of love, life, and hope to NaFre and her mountain.? Or will Judy Sizemore's hatred destroy what God has set in motion?


Under The Kudzu

Deep in the southeastern Kentucky mountains these dense green vines grow like Jack's beanstalk. Can the Pratt family survive kudzu's smothering threat as everything significant in Sam's life happens under the Kudzu?